5 September 2017

The peak housing advocacy body, Shelter NSW, today urged the NSW Government to adopt the key recommendations of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), released today in the final report of its Review of rent models for social and affordable housing.

“Social housing in NSW and around Australia is currently unsustainable” said Shelter CEO, Karen Walsh. 

20 June 2017

Despite record revenue and a $4.5 billion surplus, the NSW state budget handed down today has offered almost nothing to the 76% of low income renters living in rental stress.

The affordability strategy adopted by the government is based on the belief that increasing housing supply will trickle down and improve affordability.  To date this strategy has failed.

1 June 2017

The ‘comprehensive package for first home buyers’  announced today by the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, will do little to help housing affordability in the medium term, according to Mary Perkins, Executive Officer of housing advocacy group, Shelter NSW.

23 January 2017

Shelter NSW has extended its congratulations to the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP on her election as leader of the parliamentary Liberal Party and her imminent appointment as Premier of New South Wales.

‘We are looking to the new premier to continue the social initiatives begun by the Baird and O’Farrell governments, especially their support for growth of the social housing system.

21 November 2016

Peak advocacy organization for affordable housing, Shelter NSW, has welcomed the substantial recognition of housing affordability as a problem for Sydney, by the Greater Sydney Commission in its draft district plans released today.

Mary Perkins, Shelter NSW executive officer, said that the framework document, Towards our Greater Sydney 2056, and the draft plans for the region’s 6 districts, should provide useful starting point for public discussion.

‘However, the key new measure to promote affordable rental housing is inadequate’, Ms Perkins said.

9 November 2016

Media release

Peak advocacy organization for affordable housing, Shelter NSW, has welcomed key elements of the NSW Government’s urban transformation strategy for the Parramatta Road corridor in Sydney.

Mary Perkins, Shelter NSW executive officer, said that the strategy was better than the draft that had been on public exhibition in 2 ways.

11 October 2016

Shelter NSW, the state advocacy group for affordable housing, has called on the Government to include at least 30 percent of affordable housing in the 10,700 dwellings that the Government now proposes for Sydney Olympic Park.

Mary Perkins, Executive Officer of Shelter NSW, said that since the site is mostly in government ownership, the master plan gives the Government an opportunity to deliver on its affordable housing commitments under its Plan for growing Sydney strategy.

21 June 2016

21 June, 2016

The state peak body for affordable housing has welcomed the Government’s commitment of new funding to housing assistance initiatives that will help lower-income and disadvantaged households in private rental housing.

21 April 2016

21 April, 2016

Anglicare's annual Renatal Snapshot show no improvement in Sydney and a worsening problem outside the metro area. Anglicare reports: "Over the first weekend in April, the Anglicare member network surveyed 75,410 rental properties across Australia and found just 21 properties were affordable for single adults living on Newstart, and only one was suitable for young people living on Youth Allowance."

16 February 2016

16 Februray, 2016

National Shelter the voice for housing policy - Game changing affordable housing policy breakthrough #ItsTime

National Shelter welcomes the announcement by ALP leader Bill Shorten to tackle negative gearing and capital gains tax incentives.

"This announcement is a game changer and throws down the gauntlet to the government", according to National Shelter EO Adrian Pisarski.
"Negative gearing and CGT exemptions for investors have been a dead weight on the ability to create more housing affordability"