Shelter NSW is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation which promotes the housing interests of people on low incomes. Shelter is mainly funded by the NSW Government through Housing NSW.

We do not provide emergency accommodation or other housing: if you need housing assistance, please see our 'Need help?' list of agencies. 


Shelter NSW was formed in 1975 as part of a nationwide movement for housing justice. It has remained active ever since, with periods of greater activity coinciding with the availability of funds.


Shelter’s vision is to see a fair and just housing system in NSW and Australia.

This vision will be achieved when:

  • everyone, including people on low incomes, has access to secure, affordable and good quality housing
  • there is no more homelessness.

Promoting the vision

Shelter works towards turning its vision into reality by:

  • researching the causes of unfairness and injustice in housing, and identifying ways of rectifying these issues
  • consulting and working in partnership with people on low incomes and organisations to find out what is happening ‘on the ground’
  • lobbying government for changes to programs that can improve housing justice
  • educating the community on housing issues and solutions.

Shelter NSW is a democratic organisation operating within a constitution determined by its members, and our work is currently determined by our strategic plan for 2015–2018.

Our members

Our members include non-profit organisations and individuals with an interest in housing justice. Become a member to support our work towards a fair and just housing system: to apply to be a member or subscriber, download our membership/subscription form.

Our partners

Shelter NSW is part of a national network of organisations. There are currently active Shelter organisations in every state and territory except Victoria. A national body, National Shelter, brings together all the state and territory organisations as members.

At a state level, Shelter works with universities, government agencies, unions and other non-government organisations on issues of shared concern.

Shelter NSW supports the NSW Forum of Non-Government Agencies’ 'Charter for the NSW community sector'.