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What's new

Detailed analysis of housing in the state budget released

Shelter has now released it's detailed analysis of the housing measures in the 2016 State Budget. This follows an initial short supplement to the June Around the House

This more detailed account, describes all the housing measures (and expenditure) that can be identified.  It also places this in the context of a critical analysis of the budget assumptions - particularly the assumption that measures to increase supply per se will improve affordability. It also briefly compares the measures to Shelter's budget asks.

You can download the document here.

June issue of Around the House released

This issue focuses on the issues surrounding the federal election - including an article by economist Saul Eslake on the Capital Gains Tax discount. All the housing policies that are known in these last couple of weeks for the 3 main parties are listed

It also covers one of the pressing issues for many communities - particularly social housing communities - greatly increased density.

The issue is available here.

A short supplement analysising the 2016 NSW State budget from a housing point of view is now also available here.

Housing assistance in state budget welcomed but more spending on affordable supply needed

Shelter welcomed the Government’s commitment of new funding to housing assistance initiatives that will help lower-income and disadvantaged households in private rental housing.

It also welcomed funding for programs to help improve education & employment outcomes for public housing residents, including children in public-housing families; and a boost to funding tohomelessness services for young people.

But Shelter is still concerned that a steady and enhanced supply of social-housing needs a capital injection through the Budget process.

Read the full release here.  A short analysis of the budget from a housing perspective is also now available

A national #Votehome campaign underway for the federal election

 campaign imageFor this crucial election, National Shelter has joined with Homelessness Australia (HA), the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), to launch 5 key reforms to deliver affordable housing and help end homelessness

The campaign, Vote Home 2016, will be pushing parties to commit to these reforms and will continue throughout the election period – and you can use the policy document. See more about the campaign on the campaign site. Please become a campaign supporter by signing the petition or start your own.

Learn more about what action you can take in NSW and in your electorate

Shelter's 'regional housing perspectives' consultations underway

Shelter has begun holding a series of consultation workshops over the rest of this year looking at the housing issues (for all tenure types) in each of the NSW Family & Community Services (FACS) regions to identify

  • the key housing issues faced in each region
  • what successful or promising solutions to these issues are present in the region?

The workshops help us understand what issues are common across different communities and where some issues are experienced differently. Importantly, the workshops help us understand what ideas people have or what they are doing to address these issues.

A background paper, NSW housing issues and public policy responses, has been prepared for participants - but is also a resource for anyone wanting to understand what policies and programs are available to respond to various housing needs in NSW.

We would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in attending these workshops . More information  is available here or contact Alison Peters at Shelter by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 0425 231 814.

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